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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement from Chair of Security Commonwealth


The newly appointed Chair of the Security Commonwealth, Jayne King, urges greater efforts in relation to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to maintain the high professional standards demanded within the security profession. Her comments follow recent media reports of inappropriate behaviour by security operatives towards women in government approved quarantine accommodation.

The Security Commonwealth, an umbrella body which brings together many different member organisations that represent the Security Industry throughout the United Kingdom, has put ‘Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’ at the heart of its current strategy and is championing this cultural development within an industry that has traditionally been perceived to be male dominated.

Membership bodies, comprising the Security Commonwealth, have long focused on inclusion and are currently engaged on a programme to gauge and take action to improve public perception of the Security profession. The programme is to further ensure that the industry has in place suitable and robust safeguards to maintain public confidence.

Jayne King, Chair of the Security Commonwealth stated: “Contracting bodies for security services, both government and commercial, and the providers of security services alike, are urged to ensure the highest standards for selection and supervision of deployed security operatives, especially where vulnerable people are involved. Clear reporting mechanisms should be in place to deal with allegations of inappropriate behaviour and such allegations must be robustly followed-up with decisive action to help maintain the high levels of trust and respect required of this vital public safety and security role”.