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New Exabeam product launched to help security teams manage third-party alerts

March 29, 2021

Exabeam, the security analytics and automation company, have recently announced Exabeam Alert Triage, a new cloud-native application that will help security analysts confidently wrangle the overwhelming number of alerts from other third-party vendor tools.

Included as a new integrated application for all cloud customers using Exabeam Advanced Analytics and Exabeam Case Manager, Alert Triage enriches alerts with context and presents them in a single screen so analysts can make faster decisions about which alerts to escalate or dismiss.

It also ensures analysts don’t miss the critical alerts that require escalation to prevent breaches.

Adam Geller, Chief Product Officer at Exabeam, remarked: “Analysts receive thousands of security alerts a day spread across disparate tools. Unable to keep up with the volume, they must ignore a significant number of them, which leaves their organisations vulnerable to threats.

“We developed the Alert Triage application to provide automation throughout the triage workflow so security analysts can be freed up to focus on what matters most — fortifying their organisation’s cybersecurity defences to prevent breaches.”

The traditional triage process requires analysts to first determine what the alert is for (users or entities), gather the right contextual information (positions, locations, sources), and then sift through logs to determine the priority of the alert. Next, an analyst must decide whether or not to escalate it for further review. Alert Triage does this time-consuming work automatically by categorising, aggregating and enriching alerts with contextual data.

“We’ve had great success running Alert Triage in its beta version. At first, watching so many alerts get centralized into a single screen was somewhat unbelievable, but Exabeam has done it,” added Zane Gittins, IT security specialist at Meissner. “It’s been refreshing to not have to go from app to app to look at different alerts and it absolutely reduces the time it takes to triage them.”

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