Exclusive interview with Lee Copland, Maxxess EMEA


Lee Copland, Managing Director of Maxxess EMEA explains how the company is changing the way operations and premises are managed.

How does Maxxess stand out in such a competitive marketplace?  

We let customers build tailored security management platforms that are modular, flexible and affordable, using enterprise-level access control as the foundation. The result is much greater capability, much lower cost and long term value.

By way of illustration, we only charge one surveillance connection license – that means customers can mix-and-match or change brands to meet site specific requirements with no additional costs. In the construction sector, this has been exactly what customers want.

Remember that VMS, surveillance and fire systems are specified by a consultant months or years before the security installation starts. Then, by the time property managers or building occupants are involved, they often want to make their own tech choices to meet risk profiles.

We have a large number of ‘out of the box’ tech integrations, enabling faster installation and easier maintenance.

How has access control and visitor management changed as a result of the pandemic?

The pandemic has meant physical access is continuing to be reimagined. Moving quickly into lockdowns and home working shone a spotlight on inflexibility, gaps in security, manual and repetitive processes and complex technology stacks associated with traditional access control, visitor and security management systems. 

Switching to touchless, contactless readers and doors was one of the first challenges to overcome and we responded quickly with facial and iris recognition options as well as QR codes that leveraged the ubiquity of smartphones; we deployed touchless kiosks and tablets in reception areas and we implemented cutting-edge hand gesture technology.

How is Maxxess eFusion and eVisitor changing the way operations and premises are managed?

Importantly, organisations now realise that access control and visitor management should not be separate; it’s no longer just about giving people access to single sites or buildings. We are providing customers with the flexibility to remotely, yet securely, manage the physical access of employees, contractors, visitors and deliveries under one umbrella.

By integrating eFusion and eVisitor we are providing greater flexibility to access different company facilities. We’ve streamlined processes to enable frictionless access using workflows based on roles and site requirements.

Can you tell us about some recent case studies?

Emirates Airlines is one of our largest customers in EMEA and we constantly work with them closely,  extending features and applications, covering new areas of their business and adding visitor management.

We also completed an upgrade at the London School of Economics where we provided a security solution for Coventry College and delivered a new project with The Oak Cancer Centre in Sutton that included integration with its fire system.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

To keep delivering value, Maxxess will continue to innovate and educate the market about the benefits of openness with third party systems, extended integration with popular databases, the incorporation of a range of IoT devices as well as connecting to systems to support operations in our target sectors such as hospitality and leisure. 

With wellbeing top of the agenda, we are exploring applications that alleviate frustrations such as giving staff easier access to IT support and wellbeing applications that offer cognitive therapies as well as being able to offer e-learning and safety advice for remote working.