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Exclusive Interview: Trevor Ball, European Sales Director, Keri Systems

January 3, 2023

Trevor Ball, European Sales Director for Keri Systems, outlines the advantages of its new Borealis product and the company’s plans for 2023.

Tell us about the new cloud remote access management product, Borealis.

Borealis is our true cloud solution compatible with our existing Keri NXT controller family with support for our legacy PXL controllers and real Mercury hardware coming very soon. Residing and operating 100% in the Cloud, Borealis delivers global accessibility, scalability, and convenience without the need for a dedicated server or client machine. Whether there’s one door or thousands of doors, new features can be added without any additional installation or downtime meaning no software updates to deploy.

The user interface makes navigation of Borealis very easy, giving a more intuitive and friendly way of implementing and managing access control solutions. Being browser-based and responsive to all internet enabled devices, supporting clients and users remotely from a single account, dramatically increases business efficiency.

What makes it different from other products on the market?

It was designed to be “Easy to Quote – Easy to Install – Easy to Use” whether for a new project or someone who’s looking to convert from Doors.NET. Our Doors.NET conversion tool provides an easy method to upgrade existing systems, allowing integrators to transition to the cloud in a few simple steps. For new installations, our NXT controllers will shortly be shipping with on board QR codes. By simply scanning the QR code in the Borealis App the new controller is added to your site in seconds.

Can you tell us a little bit about how it was developed?

Borealis was designed using the latest web developer tools and our new cloud architecture allows Borealis to evolve more quickly than ever before. Hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), means that the data is always secure and readily available.

How did Keri Systems perform in 2022?

We had an extremely positive year. Many companies struggled with the global supply chain issues that caused extended lead times but we have continued to provide stock for our partners without interruption or delay.

Our new partner program for Europe was well received and more and more integrators are working with us every month. We also moved into our new European HQ in Norwich.

What are the core elements of the business?

Keri Systems has been at the forefront of developing access control and security management solutions worldwide for over 30 years. Our core software offerings range from true cloud hosted systems with Borealis, as well as on-premise based systems, Doors.NET, along with our reliable hardware options including our NXT range of door controllers, card readers and credentials.

What are Keri’s plans for 2023?

Borealis is a big part of 2023. There’s already an expansive roadmap of new features, integrations, and functionality already scheduled for release. The early part of Q1 will see the latest release containing support for Keri’s PXL-500, Authentic Mercury Security products and custom linkages.

The support for PXL alone will open up Borealis and the latest integrations to a vast number of customers using legacy hardware.

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