Exclusive: Securing rail networks

January 20, 2022


Sean Ballard, Group Managing Director at Sunray Engineering explains how the rail industry is benefiting from its range of security door products.

It is undoubtedly true that security is becoming a more prominent consideration in the rail industry. As part of the UK’s critical infrastructure, all rail networks and hubs (stations and power) must be protected, regardless of the volume or usage. When it comes to rail networks, there is an inherent need for such security measures in the form of various products and services – these are key to the protection of assets as well as users.

Our products are designed to blend in with the environment or build in which they are used and they are manufactured to provide performance such as ventilation and cooling. For instance, our Steel Louvre Systems have been used in transformer settings and power rooms, tunnel or shaft ventilation. In addition to this, other product examples include Steel Security and Fire Doors which restrict and control critical access to areas and of course provide up to four hours of complete fire resistance.

New to the Sunray range – and particularly relevant to areas which have trackside embankments or areas close to electrified rail or cables – are our GRP Walkways, Platforms and Access Stairs. Not only is GRP widely specified due to its non-conductivity, but it also has the integral strength for weight loading; these can be brightly coloured with integrated grip on the grid and they can also define safe passageways or access routes for rail workforce staff as well as for passengers in the event of an emergency situation.

As a company that delivers bespoke security solutions to the rail industry, Sunray has provided a number of products in applications where security for electrical switch gear, tailored pressure relief measures for escape routes, plant room ventilation, station security, fire compartmentation as well as specialist blast and fire protection is a crucial consideration. Due to the nature of rail infrastructures, we often find ourselves working with complex design solutions where practicality and design must harmonise, yet functionality and performance is critical. This can present challenges, however, our ability to tailor products to specific environments ensures that we blend seamlessly into any given structure.

We manufacture all products at our factories in Ashford and, in doing so, we are able to ensure complete control, quality and timely delivery of products to meet customer expectations. We also regularly test on site and in association with the BRE, especially for those projects requiring “one-off” type scenarios. This ensures that rail clients benefit from our proven history and track record of investing in design and innovation. As pioneers of the niche, when it comes to security doors and systems, we will always strive to build the impossible yet blend with surrounding environments.

Sunray continues to invest heavily into research and development, keeping ahead of ever-changing regulations. Tomorrow’s products will require even more security and protection and given Sunray’s capabilities and experience we are well placed to assist this critical infrastructure and industry.

For more details, email the company’s specialist team at [email protected] and to find out more information, visit: www.sunraydoors.co.uk

This article was originally published in the January 2022 edition of Security Journal UK. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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