Facit Data Systems introduces new redaction software

June 1, 2022


UK-based global data analytics company, Facit Data Systems, is showcasing its innovative document redaction software at PrivSec World Forum 2022, the largest data protection, privacy and security event in the world.

The company will be introducing its ground-breaking document redaction technology to a portfolio of prestigious clients currently using its video redaction and data analytics software as well as companies currently using manual redaction processes.

Currently, legislation such as EU GDPR imposes strict rules on sharing personal data. In the UK alone, companies that breach data protection laws are fined up to £17.5 million or 4% of the company’s annual global turnover. For businesses, this means the need for smart data security solutions has risen exponentially – to protect employees, customers, and reputations.

Facit Data Systems’ document redaction software works to instantly hide information from unauthorised in-house readers. This protects the data privacy rights of individuals when those documents are shared externally.

The product features a user-friendly interface that is fully customisable to redact as much or as little data as necessary for the individual need. Companies will be able to run up to three individual caseloads of information at one time and will not have to incur any additional hardware purchasing costs to make full use of the software. 

In this way, Facit can deliver quick, safe and affordable solutions to what could be a very costly issue for companies. Current customers, including supermarket giants Tesco and Morrisons, report up to a 90% cost saving in operational fees when using the product.

Waqas Hassan, CEO of Facit Data Systems, said: “We are delighted to introduce this software at such an important event. It is game-changing for businesses looking to remain data compliant – safely, quickly and without the hassle of manual redaction procedures.

“Unlike many redaction programmes, our software isn’t cloud-based and therefore offers a higher level of security against the kinds of potential breaches that could have disastrous effects on companies. It also benefits from a versatile set-up and can be installed into an existing system, meaning very little outgoings for the user.”

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