Fortifying your premises with Advanced Perimeter Systems

July 2, 2024


Advanced Perimeter Systems

Zack Davidson, General Manager, Advanced Perimeter Systems (APS) highlights the crucial role of a physical barrier.

It’s vital to recognise that the enduring need for physical security systems, like electric fencing, remains unwavering. Having an effective physical barrier can prevent someone getting onto your property and gaining access to it.

Advanced Perimeter Systems has the answer

Electric fencing stands as one of the most formidable perimeter security deterrents available today. Its potency lies not only in delivering a non-lethal 10,000-volt shock but also in its psychologically intimidating appearance, which serves as a powerful visual deterrent.

While analytics and AI play a pivotal role in modern security, it’s essential to recognise that they are not standalone solutions. To achieve true defence in depth, a holistic, integrated security approach is paramount. This entails combining multiple security measures, such as surveillance cameras, access control and alarm systems, to create a layered defence that is far more resilient and responsive.

Sending a clear message

The importance of stopping an intruder at the perimeter cannot be overstated. Doing so not only prevents unauthorised access to your property but also sends a clear message that security is a top priority. Electric fencing, with its formidable shock, is a first line of defence that discourages intruders from attempting a breach in the first place.

In the realm of security, evolution and integration go hand in hand, resulting in a more robust and comprehensive solution. It’s not just about keeping up with technological advancements; it’s about utilising them to fortify the timeless effectiveness of physical security measures like electric fencing.

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