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Frontier Pitts continues to grow its Secured By Design product portfolio with new turnstile


A busy year of Research & Development at Secured by Design member company Frontier Pitts continues with the introduction of their latest LPS1175 Intruder Resistant product, the first security rated LPCB turnstile with a 120 degree three section walkway.

Following the release of their Platinum LPS1175 Turnstile with a 90° rotor (four section walkway) in December 2019, customers asked Frontier Pitts to develop a security rated turnstile with a 120° degree rotor (three section walkway). 

Frontier Pitts & Secured by Design

Frontier Pitts worked closely with LPCB during the lockdown months, co-ordinating safe, socially distanced testing in their factory to ensure their Research and Development program continued to produce products to meet their clients’ requirements.

Now, the LPS1175 Platinum Turnstile, like many other Turnstiles, has the option of 90° or 120° rotors, a first for the LPCB LPS1175 market.

Frontier Pitts have added this first three winged LPS1175 rated turnstile on the market to their range of products accredited by the official police security initiative, Secured by Design.

Sally Osmond, Frontier Pitts said: “After months of development, we are extremely proud to manufacture the first three wing turnstile LPS1175 security rated turnstile and achieve a specific client request.

“We will continue to develop our product range to meet the latest threats and create the impossible.”

Lyn Poole, Secured by Design, added: “Frontier Pitts are always looking for ways to innovate and improve their products to fill the demand for physical perimeter security. I am pleased to see the Platinum 3 arm turnstile as the latest addition to their extensive range of Police Preferred Specification products.”

You can find out more about Frontier Pitts and their extensive range of SBD accredited products here: