G4S joins up with Duress to enhance frontline worker safety

June 12, 2024



G4S has announced an exclusive partnership with Duress, with the aim of increasing the protection of frontline staff across multiple sectors.

The collaboration will utilise Duress’ wearable devices and the companies report it is set to elevate safety standards and provide support to workers facing increasing threats of violence and anti-social behaviour by connecting frontline staff and security officers.

Real-time incidents

“While many of our security officers are already connected via body-worn devices to the broader team and remote monitoring centres, this new partnership with Duress will equip G4S security teams with real-time incident visuals and sound, as well as many other features, which will further advance the effectiveness of our security officers,” said David Munnery of G4S.

Duress has developed an advanced suite of body-worn devices designed to provide real-time support and protection for frontline workers.

The technology includes live-streaming video, AI capabilities, emergency service integration and full communication functions, ensuring that help is always just a click away.

The three flagship products in this range – Phoenix, Falcon and Eagle – offer versatile and robust solutions tailored to meet diverse operational needs.

Users simply click to discreetly alert security teams, or stream video through to the 24/7 Operations centre where a response can be coordinated.

Phoenix also includes slip, trip and fall detection, mass messaging and boasts a two-year rechargeable battery.

Similar in size to a smart watch, the Falcon can be worn as a watch or pendant and when activated live-streams video, audio and location data to the security team, enabling rapid and informed responses.

Additional features include a push-to-talk function and AI-driven policy lookup, enhancing both communication and procedural compliance during incidents.

Long-term safety planning

The Eagle device stands out with its fully-featured design, delivering live video and audio feeds to all connected security personnel during emergencies, the companies report.

Its long battery life, easy-to-use clip options and integration with other Duress devices ensure high-level operation.

The Eagle also supports comprehensive incident reporting and data analysis, aiding in both immediate response and long-term safety planning.

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