Gallagher Command Centre v8.80 upgrade

October 11, 2022

The latest version of Gallagher’s award-winning site management software, Command Centre v8.80, now comes with a new web-based system, Command Centre Web.

This new evolution compliments Command Centre and Command Centre Mobile, an app-based mobile solution.

Andrew Scothern, Chief Architect at Gallagher, said: “Command Centre Web will prove itself as an invaluable tool for managing sites anywhere.

“Through interfacing with Gallagher Command Centre via the Gallagher API Gateway, it allows safe and secure access to Command Centre Web from anywhere there is an internet connection, reducing costs and operational downtime by removing the need to maintain a full workstation on the operator’s computer.”

The first component introduced in Command Centre Web focuses on cardholder management, and allows administrators to view cardholder history, view activity of cardholder, manage cards and credentials (excluding printing/encoding cards), manage cardholder access/assign access, and general personal data field (PDF) management.

Scothern added: “We spent a lot of time thinking about the user experience. This is already proving its worth with fantastic feedback about the ease-of-use from everyone who has used it.”

To start using Command Centre Web, all that’s needed is to check the ‘Enable Command Centre Web’ on the Cloud FT item. No web servers or extra infrastructure is needed to be set up.

No sensitive data is ever held in Command Centre Web, or associated cloud services. Data remains hosted on the customers’ own Command Centre server, and by Command Centre Web through REST API via the API Gateway, which has no persistent storage.

Any updates made in Command Centre Web will be sent to the Command Centre server via the same channel.

Scothern said: “We’re excited for how Command Centre Web will evolve in the future and are already working on adding new user-friendly features and enhancements, including adding cardholders, printing and encoding cards, and well as managing PINs and user-codes.”

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