Gallagher streamlines Security Health Check tool

May 18, 2023

Global security leader, Gallagher Security, has streamlined their free Security Health Check tool, making it easier than ever to protect against potential system risks and improve business efficiencies. Here is the company statement:

Security Health Check is an industry-first tool with numerous awards under its belt for risk and vulnerability management. It performs an automated system audit and generates a health report, providing users with deeper awareness and understanding of security vulnerabilities with suggestions for mitigation, reducing the time and cost of traditional, manual audits.

Tailored improvements

When the Gallagher Security team learned that users were using the free tool for a lot more than system maintenance, they decided to make improvements tailored to support those varied, practical uses.

“Over time, we’ve learned that our users don’t just use Security Health Check to strengthen their systems,” says Robert Cowsley, Cyber Security Architect at Gallagher Security. “They’re using it for project management, to justify budgets, as verification of proper installation, as a signoff tool, for bridging the technical gap for non-technical departments – there’s a multitude of uses for the tool.”

Security Health Checks

In response, Gallagher Security has given Security Health Check’s reports a fresh, new look and streamlined the process to simplify use and dramatically reduce run times.

  • Security Health Check is now available for download by users, making installation more user friendly and removing the need for Gallagher to provide access.
  • The program is now easier – and faster – to run, generating a summarized health report in minutes versus hours.
  • Color coded health reports have been simplified so technical and non-technical users alike can understand the severity and priority of the test findings.

“Security Health Check is still the same powerful risk-management tool, but now it’s easier to use” says Dave Kerry, Senior Software Engineer. “We’ve had users who only used to run the tool a couple of times a year, but now they’re enabled to run it weekly because it’s so much faster.”

With more control in users’ hands, Security Health Check helps businesses maximize their Gallagher system’s potential, respond faster to emerging threats, and generate usable data in a simplified report whenever the need arises.

“We want to be more than just a systems provider,” Cowsley says. “Our goal is to be trusted advisors, and I believe tools like Security Health Check demonstrate how much we care about taking long-term care of our users.”


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