Gallagher warning over CNI cyber-threat

March 7, 2023


Security provider Gallagher has warned the threat from cyber attackers “is now more real than ever” for critical national infrastructure.
The company’s National High Security Manager for the UK, Jason Hunter said the attack become more sophisticated each year.
The company, which has its UK base in Warwick, said the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’s (CPNI) work around the Cyber Assurance for Physical Security Systems (CAPSS) 2021 standard is crucial for manufacturers and the security industry to get behind.
Gallagher has achieved the CAPSS 2021 standard so far, having been awarded it in early 2022 for their Command Centre software and High Security Controller 6000.
Hunter said: “With each passing year, the cyber threats keep growing in sophistication. Cyber security is an essential part of Gallagher’s physical security solutions and achieving the CAPSS 2021 standard proved Gallagher’s commitment to ensuring that our system will not be the weakest link in protecting our customers against a cyber-attack.
“Gallagher and a selection of other manufacturers were part of the market research that was conducted by the CPNI to establish how new technology would influence the latest 2021 standard.
“We know that obsolescence occurs quickly in security technology thanks to the ever-changing environment, and therefore the industry needs to get up to speed with achieving the CAPSS 2021 standard to ensure that as a collective we’re reducing vulnerability to terrorism and other threats in national infrastructure.”

Gallagher’s Command Centre and High Security Controller 6000 is included in the CPNI Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE).
The CSE is designed to help organisations choose appropriate physical security equipment to protect the assets for which they are responsible.

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