Halo Solutions tackles campus safety at UK universities

May 29, 2024


Halo Solutions

Halo Solutions has offered its safety technology to help make UK university campuses safer and to help protect female students, tackle crime and protestor activity.

According to the company, it comes at a time of mounting concerns for the wider safety of female university students and following the recent outbreak of protest activity, with protestors barricading themselves into an exam room at the University of Manchester.

It also comes at a time when Mi5 Director General Ken McCallum recently briefed university leaders on the threats from foreign states targeting UK universities in order to undermine national security and encourage political dissent and unrest.

Threats from politically motivated protestor groups are predicted to increase across other UK university campuses.  

“Whilst legitimate protests are allowed to take place, and the cornerstone of any vibrant, thriving democracy, the recent protestor barricade over Gaza at the University Of Manchester, which was carried out by a large group of protestors (many of whom were not students), has highlighted how vulnerable UK universities are to such actions,” said Lloyd Major, CEO of Halo Solutions.

“Only last month, police in public order uniform (riot gear) stormed Columbia University in New York and arrested 100 protestors.”

The Halo technology provides a “whole university” approach to delivering enhanced safety and security on campus by delivering safe and secure environments for students, staff and property across the entire estate. 

The Halo system, which is widely used to protect the public across stadiums, arenas and across travel and transport infrastructure, is also designed for use across university campuses and higher education faculties. 

Provides real-time monitoring of incidents for security teams and university staff across multiple campuses.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides real-time monitoring of incidents for security teams and university staff across multiple campuses.
  • Provides reassurance for students and staff on campus security and safety. 
  • Offers student “self-reporting” of incidents without the need to log onto the Halo system.
  • Protection of university estate and infrastructure. 
  • Improves decision-making and enables faster response times to incidents, especially in critical events such as university lockdowns or emergencies.  
  • Synchronises multiple feeds of information, from security checks and CCTV to body cams and other key communications.
  • Connects multiple staff users and agencies, including emergency service responders.
  • Provides accountability of actions taken through audit trails.
  • Cloud-based solution provides easily downloadable data for analysing and sharing across departments.
  • Monitors and records crime and crime prevention providing enhanced evidential data for prosecutions 

Mitigating various risks

“As a former volunteer police officer and graduate of Nottingham Trent University, I am passionate about women’s safety and security – and in particular on university campuses having seen the problems first hand from both sides,” said Lois Warner, former volunteer police officer and now BD Manager and University Lead for Halo Solutions.

“Halo provides a wide range of features to help tackle, mitigate and manage the various risks and issues that all students face but particularly women.

“We have recently introduced a self-reporting feature to the Halo system, which will allow for students to report crimes and incidents without the need to log into the system itself.

“This is a particularly valuable feature, allowing women to report crime, welfare and safety issues.

“Making university campuses safe spaces and places where women feel less vulnerable is something I am particularly passionate about – and it’s a core part of the Halo mission.”

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