Hanwha Techwin launches serverless Wisenet Parking Guidance Solution

September 29, 2021

The introduction of the Wisenet TNF-9010 360° Parking Guidance device could not perhaps come at a better time, with city centre and office car parks once again often filling up to capacity.

With the objective of maximising revenue for car park operators by optimising occupancy levels and reducing congestion and queues, the Wisenet Parking Guidance Solution is designed to help drivers quickly locate vacant car parking bays.

With built-in AI based vehicle detection functionality, the Wisenet Parking Guidance device only needs to utilise a single Wisenet TNF-9010 camera in order to monitor and analyse up to 16 parking bays to establish if they are occupied or vacant. Quick and easy to install, the device offers a highly cost-effective alternative to solutions which require multiple cameras to cover the same number of parking bays, as in addition to lower initial capital costs, it also requires less maintenance.  

The device’s built-in LEDs can be configured to display up to seven different colours to provide real time visual indicators on where drivers can find various categories of available parking spaces. These include those which have been allocated for the physically challenged, electric cars and parents with children or those reserved for a company’s employees and visitors.  

Keeping vehicles and people safe

In addition to its parking guidance capabilities, the 12-megapixel 360° TNF-9010 is able to help deter and detect anti-social and criminal activity as it is able to be used to monitor large areas without any blind spots. The presence of the device will also enable car drivers to feel safe when they are leaving or returning to their cars.

The 360° images captured by the TNF-9010 are enhanced at the edges with the help of a stereographic type lens, whilst onboard de-warping processing ensures that when the camera is in quad mode, there is no visible distortion of the captured images, such as straight lines of objects appearing to be curved which normally occurs when 360° fisheye images are displayed.

The TNF-9010 can be configured to broadcast an alarm through connected speakers when it is integrated with emergency alerts technology. Control room operators who receive alarms generated by the camera can easily retrieve the respective recorded video, allowing them to visually verify what may be occurring.

Cyber secure Wisenet7 chipset

The TNF-9010 camera is equipped with Wisenet7, Hanwha Techwin’s most powerful chipset to date. In addition to enabling it to capture clear, sharp images in all lighting conditions with the help of advanced noise reduction and WDR technology, Wisenet7’s industry leading cyber security functionality also ensures the camera’s firmware is protected from hackers and that drivers’ confidential data is safeguarded.


As an edge-based solution with AI based analytics onboard, the TNF-9010 does not need to be supported by a server. The cost-effectiveness of the solution is therefore further enhanced as users do not have to incur the cost of installing and maintaining additional hardware to run the application.

“With COVID-19 lockdown restrictions eased, car parks will once again need to be managed to avoid queues and congestion caused by drivers trying to find a parking space”, said Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe. “In this respect, we are confident that the TNF-9010 will be able to help car park operators maximise revenue, with the added bonus of improving the customer experience by ensuring drivers do not frustratingly waste time looking for a vacant parking bay”.

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