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Hanwha Vision upgrades Q series AI cameras

March 14, 2024


AI camera

Hanwha Vision has upgraded its Q series AI cameras with white LED lights and infrared, to deliver enhanced low-light performance.

The dual-light QNE-C9013RL and QNE-C8013RL cameras remove the need for external illumination sources, the company reports.

This reduces the costs of additional lighting, whilst avoiding light pollution from constant lighting as the cameras only use the white light when needed.

AI camera features

Combining this dual-light capability with artificial intelligence analytics means that these cameras provide accurate object – vehicle and people – detection at up to 4K resolution, even in low-light scenarios.

When people or vehicles enter a specified area, the cameras automatically switch from a discreet IR mode to illumination using a warm white light.

This provides safer environments for pedestrians while also functioning as a criminal deterrent by shining or strobing a bright light on people loitering or suspicious activities.

According to Hanwha this makes the range well suited for many different uses, including protecting retail and commercial premises, or providing peace of mind in residential areas.

The 3000K warm white LED light allows for full colour capture at night without washing out reflective surfaces or causing overexposure.

The recent addition of AI to Hanwha Vision’s Q series cameras enables accurate people and vehicle classification by filtering out irrelevant motion triggers, such as moving animals and waving trees, ultimately generating fewer false alarms for operators.

The dual-light Q series cameras have a range of AI-driven features, including AI-based WiseStream III video compression, for bandwidth reduction and WiseNRII noise reduction, to limit blur in noisy, low-light environments.

The dual-light Q series models, similarly to the Q series AI range, come with business intelligence features including heatmap, people counting, vehicle counting and queue management.

Greater situational awareness

“The Q series is well-known for its versatility, ease of use and cost-effectiveness,” said Pread Um (Suk Bong), Product and Marketing Director, Hanwha Vision.

“The latest additions to this line are no exception with the dual-light feature, AI capabilities and powerful imaging resolution.

“Businesses will benefit from greater situational awareness, deep business intelligence, as well as a powerful deterrent for anti-social behaviour and crime, with AI working behind-the-scenes to alert them to any events that require their attention.”

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