Heras unveils first enhancements to product portfolio following move to simplified range

February 22, 2022

The Doncaster-based company has recently announced a move to a simplified range of solutions and the introduction of the Delta sliding gate and enhancements to the B700 turnstile are the first changes to its product portfolio to be unveiled.

Heras is targeting sales of both Delta and B700 to sites such as warehousing hubs, data centres, food processing and distribution centres, healthcare facilities and manufacturing plants that need secure access points to their sites.

Product Manager Jonathan Broughton said that Heras has acted quickly following its Europe-wide product review last year to identify sales growth opportunities; the modular nature of the Delta gate makes it an ideal option.

Broughton remarked: “Delta is one of the best-selling sliding gates across Europe, and its introduction into the UK will be a great platform from which to work closely with site owners and operators who want to improve the opening and closing speed of sliding gates, cut costs for repairing gates that have been struck by vehicles and reduce unauthorised site breaches at entrance points.”

Delta sliding gates

Delta comes in two models and has opening widths ranging from 3 m to 9.5 m for single gates or 6 m to 19 m for the double-gate option. Its gate heights range from 1.8 m to 2.5 m and it is one of the fastest sliding gates on the market at a rate of up to 0.5 m per second for each gate, providing a possible speed of 1 m per second on double gates.

Heras sees the speed capability as a definite unique selling point for Delta. After all, whenever an entrance is open, the security of the premises is momentarily compromised. The faster the gate can open and close, the less waiting time for the user and the overall quicker resumption of optimum security. Of course, the notable extra speed doesn’t compromise safety, as Delta is also fully compliant with safety standard EN 12453:2017+A1:2021 and a raft of safety features are inbuilt accordingly.

The modularity of Delta poses a trio of secret weapons for operators and installers alike. The first is that it has an aluminium under beam with a steel frame and steel bars, making it a lightweight solution compared to other gate systems – this means there’s no heavy lifting equipment required to install Delta. For example, it can be easily installed in less accessible areas, such as underground car parks.

The second is that component parts of the sliding gate can be replaced – instead of having to replace a complete unit in the event of being struck and damaged by vehicles entering or leaving sites such as warehouses and distribution hubs, which have HGVs entering and leaving round the clock.

The final key modular benefit is the ease with which a gate once installed can be serviced or upgraded, as most components can be individually replaced.

Delta can also be included in Connect, a cloud-based portal that offers real time insights into the status of entrance control systems, with remote monitoring of user access and automatic alerts and notifications via smartphone, tablet or PC.

B700 turnstile

B700 is already Heras’s best-selling turnstile and is installed at Premier League football stadiums, the distribution hubs of the UK’s leading supermarkets, contact centres for banks and refineries for leading names in the petrochemical industry. It’s also used at breweries that produce probably the best lager and dry stout in the world!

Key features of B700 include its canopy – which acts as a physical and visual deterrent at perimeter breach points – and its availability as a single 120° rotor spacing with a straight or trombone arm in a variety of finishes (galvanised, coated or stainless steel). Also, its operation and control features include a robust steel electro-mechanical head mechanism that has a number of security locking options. The locking options in tandem with sensors provide feedback for monitoring access control systems; this means that in the event that the turnstile will not rotate, it is possible to test the system using a card reader isolation and test key switch for a quick fault diagnosis.

Like Delta, B700 can also be included in Connect, which provides information about the status of entrance solutions provided by Heras (and other suppliers). It monitors all key components 24/7 and translates this monitoring into practical information for facilities managers.

To learn more about Heras, visit www.heras.co.uk.

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