Heras offers free security review to stars

December 7, 2022

A major perimeter protection business is urging high-profile personalities to review their security arrangements in the wake of a break-in at the home of England World Cup star Raheem Sterling.

The winger’s house was burgled while he was away playing at the competition in Qatar. Valuables were stolen in the raid.

Sterling has since returned home to be with his family, who were not at home at the time of the intrusion.

Heras, a leading brand of fencing systems, is now offering a free review of security arrangements to high-worth individuals.

The company uses its Heras Security Model (HSM) to assess a potential client’s needs.

David Owen, Heras UK’s Country Manager, said: “What happened to Raheem Sterling and his family is truly shocking. He’s likely to be seeking peace of mind by looking to increase both his home and personal security.

“Noticeably, there has been a lot of calls in the media for him and his peers to invest in their security by hiring more security personnel.

“Whilst, no doubt, security personnel have their role to play, I recommend a more holistic, integrated approach be taken to securing a site or property.


“Perimeter systems are the first – and often overlooked – line of defence and so our approach using the HSM is to start from the outside-in.

“Robust perimeter protection can act as a deterrent. If the correct system is installed, it would make an intruder’s task of breaching the grounds of a property much more difficult.”

Using the HSM, Heras’ experts consider the different possible scenarios and assign the relevant security level to each aspect of a perimeter security system.

Next, the most pertinent measures are then proposed to achieve that security level.

Measures as well as the installation of robust fencing may include automated or manual gates and PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems).

PIDS, in conjunction with measures such as CCTV, enable security personnel to have instant awareness of any suspect activity at the perimeter, and hence the earliest opportunity to act.

And in some cases equally as important, especially for a large multi-acre site, the pin point location of the threat.

Owen acknowledges that industrial-grade fencing for example “is not necessarily to everyone’s taste aesthetically”.

Owen Added: “But it is one of the solutions Sterling may need to opt for as they seek peace of mind in the face of such increasing levels of threat.”

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