Hikvision UK & Ireland launches new Consultant Support Programme

May 6, 2021


Hikvision UK & Ireland is launching a new Consultant Support Programme which allows security specifiers and consultants to take advantage of the latest technology in order to work more efficiently and with less stress.

Consultant Support Programme

The free of charge Consultant Support Programme provides consultants and specifiers with access to a dedicated named point of contact, who works with a team of technical security specialists to provide bespoke support as required. The project support team can assist with anything from product selection and solution design to tender specifications.

The new programme kicks off with a virtual live event, ‘Time to Change’, on Thursday May 20th. The event will look at the ways BIM technology – Building Information Modeling – can be of benefit to security specifiers and consultants working in the built environment, allowing them to utilise automation to work smarter rather than harder and reducing the headaches involved with inevitable last-minute design changes.

Specifiers and consultants who register with Hikvision’s Consultant Support Programme will be able to access BIM files as part of a comprehensive range of purpose-built tools and resources.

“Our Time To Change event is about embracing the BIM approach”

Hikvision Specifier Relations Manager Ross Bale says the programme’s services have been designed specifically to meet the needs of working security specifiers and consultants.

“As a former security consultant, I know first-hand the challenges that consultants face and understand the support that is useful in their day-to-day roles,” he says. “Consultants are being asked to produce tender packages at short notice and with limited resources, and expected to integrate multiple systems and technologies, all while keeping up to date with standards, trends and best practices.

“We’re here to help. Our Time To Change event is about embracing the BIM approach, and helping consultants and specifiers take advantage of the technology’s potential to make their working lives easier and more efficient.”

Hikvision has also added to its range of consultant and specifier CPD courses with ‘Securing 21st Century Data Centres’. This course looks at the key requirements, trends and challenges of operating a modern data centre. It examines typical application scenarios and analyses available security options, exploring how security can add value by reducing downtime and increasing the efficiency of security staff.

Hikvision’s CPD courses are short, convenient sessions delivered either online or in-person, and cover topics including artificial intelligence, low light surveillance technology and cybersecurity for the Internet of Things.

Find out more about the Consultant Support Programme and the Time To Change event, and register to take advantage of CPD courses and BIM files at: https://www.hikvision.com/uk/Partners/consultants/

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