Holdeo bluetooth connected card reader launched by NEOWAVE

June 9, 2022

NEOWAVE, a strong authentication and secure transactions specialist, has launched the Holdeo Connected Badge Holder, a universal contact smart card reader with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and USB-C connectivities.

This new product enables communication with a PC (in USB mode) or with a nomadic terminal, smartphone or tablet in BLE mode, making it easy to deploy in mobile and office environments. It can be used with all smart card applications such as electronic signature, strong authentication, encryption, e-health or digital identity. 

The Holdeo supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, Android 6.0+ and iOS 13+ operating systems. It also holds a provision of an SDK for Android and iOS with secure mode, using 256-bit AES encryption, to protect communications between the mobile and the Connected Card Holder. 

Open Seas, a UK-based enterprise IT solutions company specialising in cybersecurity and data protection, is the official UK distribution partner for NEOWAVE and the Holdeo Connected Badge Holder. 

Jason Kent, Director at Open Seas said: “Bluetooth is a feature widely available on most devices, thus making the Holdeo an accessible product for professionals that need secure contactless authentication, but do not have NFC on their device. As we enter the ‘passwordless’ age, card readers and other security keys will be amongst the essential devices that businesses and their staff use on an everyday basis to protect their sensitive information.”

Bruno Bernard, President at NEOWAVE, said: “With cybersecurity threats on the rise and many organisations still relying on passwords to protect their sensitive information, it is essential that businesses have easy access to modern tools to enhance their security. By offering Bluetooth communication, the Holdeo removes a barrier for businesses to access and deploy this technology.”

NEOWAVE, also known as a Microsoft provider of ‘passwordless’ authentication solutions, also produces the Badgeo FIDO2 smart card, which enables contactless authentication via NFC and has recently launched the Winkeo-C FIDO2 security key. The Winkeo-C key enables strong and multi-factor authentication with online services and applications from fixed and mobile terminals. 

For more information, visit: neowave.fr/en

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