Holiday Park operators and Security: the benefits of a tech first approach

August 3, 2023


Holiday Park operators need a tech first approach to security, says Tom Ambler, Leisure Sales Manager at wireless solutions provider Ramtech.

Alarms and camera surveillance have long been supporting holiday parks to stay safe but have a history of not being maintained or used to the full potential. Often, they are limited to the communal areas of the park or where a wired connection can be made. However, advances in wireless technology have changed this.

Technology has evolved to fit the needs of holiday parks. In the quieter months, risks of break-ins, arson and theft can increase — so being prepared for any eventuality is always the best course of action. Once installed, cloud-based, user-friendly security solutions give round-the-clock protection, with alerts sent to mobile phones in real-time – taking the pressure off park teams and leaving the monitoring to an all-encompassing system.

As well as all these benefits, wireless safety solutions on the market today are also helping to connect operatives to the owners, and in a way that is also importantly profitable.

Holiday Park operators: The connected opportunity

When used as a dual tool to support owners and the site in general, this creates further added value – helping operators lower security incidents, improve customer satisfaction, enhance reputation and increase profits.

Technology exists that can increase revenue by offering individual alarms on a subscription basis, which can help provide peace of mind to holiday homes or static caravan owners, in addition to helping to protect the overall site safety and management from a park point of view. A park with just 250 holiday homes can generate an additional £25,000 through alarm installations and an additional £12,500 per year through annual subscriptions.

Our WISE wireless security solution is one example of this in action.

Safety and security in practice

Through 30 years of experience in the UK leisure industry, we truly understand the importance of always maintaining a safe and secure environment for guests. Our alarm system is customised to fit a park’s needs, delivering reliable and effective protection throughout the year. With real-time alerts and an online platform to monitor alarm status, park operators and homeowners can trust that a property is always secure.

A holiday park in Somerset, one of the largest independently owned sites in the Southwest of England, has been working with us for 15 years and currently has more than 650 WISE units installed on site. The peace of mind that its customers receive through the benefits of a wireless security alarm system is echoed by the park’s safety manager, all while generating additional revenue that is increasingly sought after amid economic uncertainty.

On a site that is more than 270 acres, the holiday park staff couldn’t possibly patrol everywhere at the same time, which the security system takes on responsibility for and gives greater awareness to homeowners 24/7. Through system integration comes greater efficiency and a more streamlined operation, which is another benefit to the Southwest-based holiday park, which has its security system connected to other systems such as fire alarms and air conditioning.

According to Mintel’s 2022 report of the UK’s holiday parks and centres, the market is currently worth an estimated £3 billion, with new investment and growth predicted in the coming years. To protect these vital assets, investing in security measures is a must. Even the safest parks are not immune to an emergency, and having a robust system will only stand to increase confidence and revenue, and in turn, build towards and safe and profitable future for all.

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