Fully mobile and highly accurate human presence detection system launched by ClanTect

July 13, 2022

ClanTect Ltd. has launched the ClanTect MDT Mobile, a highly portable human presence wireless detection system.

The ClanTect MDT Mobile has been specifically designed for mobile patrol units and vehicle check points to provide a highly accurate, non-intrusive, roadside system for detecting the illegal presence of humans hiding within vehicles, trucks, trailers and containers.

ClanTect’s systems are deployed within a wide range of organisations in the border security, prisons and critical infrastructure markets. 

Customers include world leading organisations such as the UK Border Force and Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency and Her Majesty’s Prison Service in the UK. Tens of thousands of fugitives are detected by ClanTect systems each year, with hundreds of lives being saved.

With the launch of their second generation mobile systems, ClanTect provide smaller, more compact devices that are now fully wireless, thus making them easy to deploy in ad-hoc outdoor roadside locations – even in windy weather conditions.

The MDT Mobile system is comprised of a ruggedised tablet with a detachable keyboard, four wireless sensors and, crucially, a proprietary wind sensor which together with ClanTect’s unique signal processing software is able to remove the effect of the wind.

The system is very quick to set up and the search is fully automated, taking only 60 seconds for each vehicle.

The wireless sensors are supplied with magnetic mounts which make them easy to attach to different vehicle types. The RF wireless sensors have a 60m LOS range and are powered by three rechargeable 1.2V AAA batteries.

CEO, Professor Steve Daley, remarked: “The MDT Mobile has been designed as a direct response to customer requirements. Stopping people traffickers is no longer just the responsibly of border officials and no longer happens just at fixed border crossing points.

“Many law enforcement agencies are now involved and having a fully portable, fast, accurate wireless system that can operate on busy roadsides is crucial.”

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