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Intelligent access control and security solutions manufacturer ICT enables cellular fail-safe Protege sites


ICT has announced the release of a dedicated cellular communication modem PRT-4G-USB. Configured to provide 4G IP transmission capability for both Protege WX and GX protected sites, this cellular modem can function as either a primary or secondary reporting path. This ensures a fail-safe reporting method is always available for security teams, should the physical network become unresponsive.

Designed to conform to the ICT standard DIN rail form factor, the PRT-4G-USB will sit alongside controllers as a ¼ DIN module in a security cabinet. With no physical network requirements, this is an ideal solution for remote sites and installations where network infrastructure may be unavailable or difficult and expensive to install.

Providing secure encrypted alarm communications via the Report IP service, the PRT-4GUSB will support leading IP protocols such as ArmorIP to deliver monitoring stations and dedicated users alarm notifications in real time. In addition to alarm and event reporting, manual site control and limited programming functionality over 4G is supported for Protege GX protected sites.

Richard Hawker, Chief Revenue Officer for ICT says: “Physical network outages are not uncommon in 2022; the Protege DIN rail cellular modem provides an extra layer of peace-of-mind should a site go offline, ensuring security teams will continue to have visibility over the property.”

The PRT-4G-USB supports an extensive range of global validated SIM providers, enabling flexibility for data plans to be customised and no long-term contracts to be signed. For end users who manage their site on the go with the ICT Protege Mobile App, push notifications can be configured to deliver alarm reports directly to the connected device.

For more information on the PRT-4G-USB, including supported Protege controllers and validated SIM providers, visit: