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IDEMIA working with Government on Document Checking Service pilot


IDEMIA will be participating in the UK Government’s Document Checking Service (DCS) by incorporating the new capability into the company’s IDway solution, reports Business Wire.

The DCS pilot – which has been designed to Government standards – will be used by pilot-participating private sector firms to speed up identity checks and ultimately prevent fraud; so long as citizens have consented to its use, service providers will use IDEMIA’s IDway to cross-reference passport details with the Government’s passport office database. To confirm the validity of the details, DCS will then respond “Yes” or “No”.

Philippe Barreau, Executive Vice President for the Public Security & Identity Business Unit at IDEMIA, remarked: “IDEMIA is proud to contribute to this important UK Government pilot. Digital Identity will be at the centre of national economic development. IDEMIA has been investing in the UK’s digital identity ecosystem from the very beginning and values the long-term relationship with the UK Government.

“This pilot project is a major step toward increasing the trustworthiness of digital identities in the market. It will enable citizens to conduct transactions that are as secure and frictionless as possible.”

Matt Warman, UK Government Digital Infrastructure Secretary, added: “The UK has a thriving digital economy and we are committed to making it easier for people to prove their identity online without compromising personal information, and for businesses to conduct checks in a safe and secure way. This pilot is a significant step forward in our work and will help speed up access to financial services and make sure more people can benefit from the huge potential of technology.”