Increased security at Wembley Stadium after disorder

January 3, 2023


British football authorities have increased security at Wembley Stadium after hooliganism at 2021’s Euros.
The Football Association has upped measures outside the venue and is seeking for permission to install new perimeter fencing.
It follows up on one of the key recommendations made in a report into the events of July 11 2021.
If the local council grants the application from Wembley National Stadium Ltd, the new fencing will be erected at a number of approaches and key entrances to the ground.
A small number of England supporters caused trouble at the championship’s final and could have led to serious injury.
The application asks for the “installation of fencing and roller shutters (B1 and B2 Steps), external alterations to existing Club Wembley, staff, media and VIP entrances and staff fire exit, with perimeter fencing introduced adjacent staff and media entrances (all at Level B2)”.
If approved, the protection measures would directly stop people without tickets from getting access to the stadium.
This was one of the key challenges on the evening of the final where thousands of individuals forced their way into Wembley.

An FA spokesman said: “We have submitted a planning application to Brent Council for new secure entrance portals around the entry points on our B2 level. These are part of the works we are carrying out, based on the Casey Review recommendations.”
The Casey Review, commissioned by the FA, delivered eight key recommendations.
One of these was for Wembley National Stadium Limited and its owner , the FA, to strengthen safety plans, including “physical fences and means of separating and filtering unticketed fans from those with legitimate access”.
Some 2,000 ticketless people gained entry to Wembley on the day, with 400 ejected.
They created the extremely high likelihood of fatalities, according to Eric Stuart, a security expert who contributed to the review.

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