INFLUENCERS 2023: Letitia Emeana, ASIS UK Chapter Chair

February 27, 2023

Letitia Emeana, ASIS UK Chapter Chair, writes:

My personal perspective of where the UK and Global security industry is heading over the next 12 months is two-fold.

Step one

Know what you want, why and how to achieve it with the security lens. Now how can this deliver for other stakeholders?  Do you know their pains?  What if we could support compliance checks of unsafe behaviours, what if we could provide an intervention if the system identified loitering, what opportunities could we exploit to gain improved interactions with our colleagues or customers?  What if the data could support catering and HVAC requirements so the site could be more efficient and interact with signposting and relevant in-house aps to guide and support colleagues and visitors to our locations?

This is where our tech and data can now begin to provide value outside of security so the value proposition is maximised. Increased automated operations and speed through unified data lakes and cloud-based systems will begin to offer new avenues to become increasingly proactive.

Step two

This is the changing attitudes and skills to further support growth as the security landscape morphs. 

Increasingly I have seen how the development of the physical security technology space needs to be communicated to IT, Cyber, privacy teams so we can work collaboratively as the security tech threats from the physical perspective are often not fully considered and the Physical  Protection Security Professional can help educate and enhance awareness of the risks and therefore develop the collaborative controls required so the end users and stakeholders feel the teams are delivering collective and simplified processes that are increasingly intuitive rather than remaining siloed, complex and often unworkable. 

For me, the development of my network across these new domains has been so valuable and enabling me to further expand my personal converged knowledge whilst enhancing the business decisions and strategic direction I am expected to deliver.

Desire to engage

ASIS International and specifically the UK chapter is where I first gained my professional certification PSP and combining this with ASIS networking through the years and the educational content delivered at ASIS Conferences, seminars and exhibitions has been the source of my personal growth and development. 

My insatiable desire to engage and my curiosity to learn has taken me on my professional journey.  The CISMP gave me the foundation of the IT, Cyber and privacy space and rounded off with ASIS CPP for the broader Enterprise Security Risk Management perspective, this collectively with other Associations and UK specific training I am prepared to meet 2023 and the challenges I fully expect.


Letitia Emeana has been active in security since 2001.  She qualified with her ASIS PSP in December 2007, IT Governance CISMP 2014 and ASIS CPP in 2017.  Letitia is a multi-disciplinary security professional and leader with significant experience in Security Design, Security Technology and Security Implementation.

Letitia is the ASIS UK Chapter Chair & Global Security Capability Manager at Unilever and held previous Leadership positions at Tesla, Amazon and Lloyds Banking Group. She is a passionate advocate for putting “People” at the heart of her work and works hard to promote diversity in its broadest sense and was core to the establishment of Women’s Security groups in Amazon, Tesla and Unilever.

Letitia’s background in global security gives her a broad appreciation of the multifaceted elements for supplier capability, corporate thinking, changing threats and new technologies. She is also able to connect this with the latest thinking on coaching, facilitation, and innovation to maximise the success of capability.

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