Influencers Edition: Prevention, partnerships and people

January 25, 2024


Influencers edition - Fiona Gaskell

In the latest Influencers Edition, Fiona Gaskell Director of Security, International Tours and Retail at Warner Bros. Studios Tours London and Tokyo speaks to SJUK about prevention, partnerships and people in 2024.

2023 saw the exponential rise of AI in an unsettled world.

The complexities associated with AI will shape 2024 and beyond in ways we cannot yet imagine and it will continue to grow in all areas of security, not just the technical and cyber aspects.

There can be no disconnect between physical, operational, and cyber security.

Being able to quickly adapt to new threats is already crucial in the industry but will become increasingly important.

The industry must guard against a failure of imagination and must be vigilant in the recognition of threats that are not anticipated or appreciated.

The economy will continue to influence recruitment and retention in the security industry, with the potential of further loss of licence holders.

Being an employer of choice and surpassing ISO 30415 diversity and inclusion standards will become crucial for attracting and keeping skilled staff.

I am optimistic about the introduction of the Professional Security Operative Apprenticeship scheme as an opportunity to open the door for young people who may not have previously thought of security as a career.

It has been heartening to the see the recognition of so many talented women in security this year and I hope that 2024 will bring greater gender diversity.

In the face of a complex and changing outlook for 2024, I suggest a focus on key themes of prevention, partnerships, and people.

I have had the privilege of hearing Figen Murray OBE speak several times. Figen Murray is the mother of Martyn Hett, who lost his life in the Manchester Arena attack.

She has been a passionate activist and campaigner to protect the public from terrorism. Martyn’s Law, if enacted, will change the security landscape by placing the protection of the public from terrorism on a statutory footing.

As security leaders we should welcome, embrace and advocate for these measures. For some, this will be a radical approach and a seismic shift so clear and supportive guidance will be important.

In any case, it gives an opportunity to embrace our stakeholders and put security at the forefront of an organisation’s thinking.

To keep people safe from terrorism, we should work closely with our partners, both inside and external, with a shared goal.

This platform will allow a professional conversation around threats, risks vulnerabilities and mitigation and prevention should become the golden thread that runs through all security approaches.

To understand why the legislation is necessary, we need to look to  Simon Sinek’s words where he discusses inspiring leadership and setting the tone – and this starts with having the clarity of ‘why.’ Explaining ‘why’ we welcome this legislation should be the message to those we work with, and Figen Murray’s words explain the ‘why’ better than I ever could.

About the author

Having served as a Senior Detective in law enforcement specialising in high risk and high threat commands, Fiona is now the Director of International Security for Warner Bros Studio Tours in London and Tokyo, the Making of Harry Potter.

She previously had responsibility for security of the Film Studio at Warner Bros Studio’s London.

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