Infosec Partners’ XZERO cyber-attack warning service delivers imminent threat notice

September 29, 2022

Infosec Partners, the specialist security assessment and managed security services provider is offering CISOs and network security managers a specialist managed service designed to add a layer of threat detection that goes beyond traditional IDS systems. Providing early warning of an imminent attack using advanced decoy and deception techniques Infosec’s XZERO Early Warning System (EWS) is the most advanced product on the market for detecting and responding to cybersecurity attacks with ZERO false positives.

Delivered as a fully managed service using insights acquired from real-world investigations as well as sophisticated red teaming exercises, Infosec’s security experts have created advanced hunting techniques built around assault assumptions. This enables the SOC team to focus more on the detection of threat actors’ techniques and behaviour rather than dealing with the normalisation and interpolation of large volumes of ingested information, blind spots, alerts and false positives.

Detection of suspicious activity earlier in the attack chain is critical to enable security teams to respond in time to mitigate any imminent threat. XZERO is designed to provide detailed information including the attackers’ intended targets and information showing how they plan to gain access.

Infosec Partners’ CTO, Mark Oakton explains: “XZERO focuses on limiting the effect of security events by reducing detection time and optimises response models with automated detection and response. The early warning system also provides deeper visibility, detailed threat intelligence and context across complex environments.”

The full XZERO early warning system includes bespoke analyst research into domains, emails, websites and online leaked data combined with powerful Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) technology that alerts when an attacker attempts to access sensitive data, providing threat intelligence and incident correlation with specific markers and threat indicators tuned and tailored to the client’s specific operational environment, together with risk assessment of all alerts via a Cybersoc Portal with daily, weekly and emergency reporting of security breaches.

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