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Innovative partnership formed between RSPNDR and Loxal to offer Key Holder Response


RSPNDR, the Canadian company that launched its new alarm response service in the UK earlier this year, has announced that it has partnered with Loxal to integrate their intelligent digital access control systems into the RSPNDR platform. 

RSPNDR uses an Uber-like platform that links into monitoring stations to collect alarm events and then pass details directly to the nearest available guard in their network. The guard is then guided to the site where they conduct checks, take photographs and report findings.

The partnership with Loxal means RSPNDR can now pass a unique, one-time use pin to give the guard access to keys to enable internal inspections without compromising on the speed of the response or increasing cost.

“We are excited to leverage the benefits of Loxal’s digital key safes and lock devices to expand our service offering in the UK,” says Mark Zimmerman, CEO of RSPNDR. “Key holder response has traditionally been slow and expensive. Integrating Loxal’s intelligent digital locks into our platform for our guard network allows us to offer a faster, more comprehensive service to customers.”

“Combining our intelligent digital access devices with an innovative new response service like RSPNDR is an exciting development for the UK market,” adds Loxal CEO, David White.  “Rapid response with secure key access from a national network should prove compelling.”     

RSPNDR believes its new approach to alarm response overcomes many of the challenges the security industry has faced with false alarms where, despite new regulations and more stringent technical requirements, it remains a major issue.

They believe the rapid deployment of a local professional security officer to do a quick check of the property will expand the market for alarm response services by giving customers a simpler and less expensive alternative to police or traditional keyholder solutions.