Direct integration and free API for developers amongst the enhancements made to Inner Range’s Integriti

April 6, 2022

Access control manufacturer, Inner Range, has unveiled a raft of new enhancements for its flagship intelligent access and security system, Integriti.

Software Version 22, which is now available to new and existing customers, includes the ability to directly integrate with biometric readers and manage mobile credentials in bulk. It also includes a brand new API, allowing developers access to a free development platform to create new integrations for Integriti clients.

The improvements to Integriti’s biometric integration architecture means it is now possible to connect directly to compatible biometric readers and sync user data. Morpho Idemia is the first biometric solution to take advantage of the improved architecture.

Sites with lots of users benefit from faster read speeds because of optimised user databases within the biometric readers too.

Mobile credentials are now significantly easier to manage via new plugin architecture rather than a built-in communications handler. This allows security managers to create and assign mobile credentials in bulk, by managing credentials on a ‘per pool’ basis rather than making separate requests for each new user.

While Integriti’s REST API has been redesigned from the ground up to dramatically simply the development process for new integrations with Integriti. The updated XML API, known as REST API V2, also allows developers to request a free integration key to authenticate a licence and create a new integration with Integriti.

API endpoints are also now grouped by use, allowing developers and administrators more targeted access to the elements of the system they need, and all with a simple tick in a box.

While Inner Range has re-written all documentation for the REST API, describing all possible endpoints and grouping information by integration module. This information is available online and should save developers significant time when first using the API.

“A more simple and nimble product for integrators and end-users”

Tim Northwood, director of Inner Range, said: “These are substantial enhancements that make Integriti a more simple and nimble product for integrators and end users to apply to real world challenges.

“Direct integration to biometric readers and managing mobile credentials in bulk will make day-to-day management by administrators much easier. The new API will lead to faster development of helpful new integrations; there are significant financial savings for our customers too.

“Creating sophisticated, integrated security solutions managed via a single platform has been our USP for more than three decades and our latest update reflects our steadfast R&D commitment to evolve and enhance our offer.”

Inner Range systems have been installed in over 25 countries, offering trouble-free access and smart building management for local sites as well as national and global estates. Customers include hospitals and high-security units, colleges, distribution centres and pharmaceutical companies. government and critical national infrastructure.

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