Integration kept simple – Advanced Perimeter Systems, by Zack Davidson

April 4, 2023

At Advanced Perimeter systems we make it as easy as possible for you to integrate our systems into your existing or new third party systems.

We do not believe in restricting you to the one brand and would encourage you to integrate our systems along with any others such as CCTV, access control, lights or anything else you consider essential to your security.

At APS our systems use low level integration through dry relay contacts for alarm outputs making it super easy to integrate our perimeter security with any of your existing security measures.

It is no secret that having multiple layers of security will help to protect your business, at APS we strongly believe that having defence in depth is the key to a secure premises.

In a time where the need for security is growing it is important to ensure your security systems are highly robust, reliable and effective. Integrating systems such as our Flexiguard with CCTV is a very popular and highly effective way at monitoring your perimeter.

The Flexiguard system allows for 100% of the perimeter to be under protection with no blind spots. It will also mean that on any attempted intrusion event the cameras can be directed to the appropriate area.

Make sure when choosing a security system, you get the right one for your requirements, avoid the headache of being tied down to one system or company by choosing a system like one from APS which can be integrated with any third party system, new or existing.

Security systems integration can cost more if you are forced to buy software or systems that are unnecessary for your installation. At APS, by using low level integration and keeping it as simple as possible, you are not forced to buy software that you do not need and therefore not only saving money but receiving far greater value for your money.

By having integrated security systems your organisation receives improved security that is simpler to administer, and the systems can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of the business. System integration can also help you save money over time, making it a long-term investment that will pay for itself.

All this and it will give you peace of mind your property and business is properly protected which in itself is invaluable.

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