Jacksons Fencing installs railings protects church

June 29, 2023


Jacksons Fencing installs Barbican Imperial railings at church in Luton.

St Saviour, a Church of England place of worship in Luton, is a listed building that has faced challenges with crime and vandalism.

The church had no fencing around the rear entrance, which made it vulnerable to trespassers, theft, and other crimes.

Additionally, broken windows were a major concern for the congregation and clergy, who were worried about the safety of the church building and the people attending.

Jacksons Fencing installs Barbican Imperial railings

Unfortunately, places of worship are a common target of a number of crimes, including theft, vandalism, hate crimes, and terrorism. In Jacksons Fencing’s 2020 report about the safety and security of places of worship, 59% of respondents reported their place of worship has been targeted, and only 13% said they felt safe.

According to the hate crime charity Stop Hate UK, religious or faith-based crimes have been increasing for the past 5 years. In 2021 there were over 8,730 religious hate crimes committed, an increase of 37% compared to the previous year.

Perimeter security

There are several measures that can be incorporated to provide security and create a sense of safety, but it requires a sensitive approach. For many community buildings, a secure perimeter is essential, but aesthetics must also be considered during the design and specification stages.

Perimeter security has a significant impact on how visitors perceive a place, particularly their first impressions. Therefore, it is vital that security is thoroughly thought out from the beginning and public facilities are appropriately developed to avoid creating an unwelcoming environment.

Fencing and gates that are properly specified will enhance the security and safety of a location and demonstrate the calibre of standards and care if they also appear well-kept.

To address these concerns and maintain St Saviour’s safeguarding policy to take appropriate steps for a safer environment for all, the church decided to install a robust security fencing solution without compromising on aesthetics.

Jacksons Fencing installs fencing around the perimeter

After careful consideration and consultation with Jacksons Fencing earlier this year, Barbican Imperial railings with ball top finials were installed around the perimeter.

Featuring pales that protrude through the top rail but do not create a pointed or spiked top due to the decorative addition of the finial, this form of fencing provides protection against climbing without creating a hostile environment. The good sightlines between the pales from the church to the outside are also ideal for safety.

Additionally, with welded pale-through-rail construction, concealed fixings, and anti-vandal, hidden panel-to-post connectors, the fence provides good resistance to vandalism. The lack of visible bolts means they cannot be tampered with, damaged, or removed to gain access.

The fencing solution installed at St Saviour Church mimics traditional wrought iron railings but with a modern, tubular construction. The fencing is strong, robust, and designed to blend in with the local environment, complementing the sensitivity of the site. A matching double-leaf gate was also installed to provide pedestrian and vehicular access, making the space feel unrestricted during opening hours.

Architectural grade powder

To create a smart appearance and to continue the authentic traditional iron railing appearance that has been protecting churches since the 18th century, the fencing and gate were polyester powder-coated black. The architectural grade powder coating provides a durable finish that does not chip or crack like traditional paint, which generally needs repainting every year.

As with all Jacksons products, the fencing comes with a 25-year service life guarantee, offering a more sustainable solution and reducing costs associated with repairs and replacements.

Peter Jackson, Managing Director, Jacksons Fencing, said: “”At Jacksons Fencing, we understand the importance of safety and security for places of worship. Unfortunately, targeted crimes are on the rise, but it’s rewarding to have worked with St Saviour Church to provide a fencing solution that not only protects the building and its congregation but also complements the sensitive nature of the site.”

About Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing is a family business founded in 1947 in Kent. Today, it operates from three UK locations; Ashford, Bath and Chester and employs over 240 people in the design, manufacture and installation of timber and steel fencing, gates, environmental noise barriers, bollards, automation and access control systems.

Jacksons believes that by designing and manufacturing products for a long service life and backing them with industry-leading guarantees not only offers customers lowest lifetime costs but also benefits the environment in which we live.

Jacksons Fencing says its experience and expertise in delivering large and complex perimeter security and access control projects has allowed it to develop bespoke solutions for clients supported by its commitment to delivering “outstanding” service and support.

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