Keepit named winner in 2024 Cloud Security Awards

May 9, 2024


2024 Cloud Security Awards

Keepit has been named a winner in the “Best Security Solution for Data Management / Data Protection” category, at the 2024 Cloud Security Awards.

Now in its second year and with an expanded range of categories, The Cloud Security Awards programme celebrates innovations in cloud-based security solutions, worldwide.

“Keepit has successfully navigated all three rounds of judging during a rigorous selection process, impressing the judges with their innovation and commitment to keeping data and other assets safe, secure and private,” said James Williams, CEO of The Cloud Awards.

“We look on with interest to see what Keepit has in store for its customers throughout the rest of 2024, and beyond.

“Many congratulations to them and our other winners”.

A leader in cybersecurity

“Keepit supports customers around the globe by future proofing their security strategies.

“This accolade underscores our commitment to innovation, security and reliability and further positions the company as a leader in the cybersecurity industry”, added Michele Hayes, CMO at Keepit.  

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