Video solutions from Konica Minolta provides The Sweyne Park with surveillance system

March 17, 2022

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd has announced that its Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) and MOBOTIX c26 360 degree cameras are protecting pupils, staff and property at The Sweyne Park School in Rayleigh, Essex. The 360 degree vision capability has enabled the school to reduce a number of analogue cameras (and the associated costs and resources required to operate them), whilst also enhancing the quality to 4K resolution.   

The solution has also provided The Sweyne Park School with the flexibility to install the equipment themselves, without third-party subcontractors. Dan Joslin, Network Manager at The Sweyne Park School commented: “It’s so easy to install that we can now fit and configure additional cameras within 20 minutes. In addition to the 360 degree viewing, the solution provides comfort that there won’t be any blackspots in viewing, providing 24/7 security for everyone within the school grounds.” 

The school is using the solution to survey the corridors, dining rooms and vulnerable areas. Konica Minolta’s IVS and cameras also deliver high levels of cybersecurity with inbuilt and constantly up-to-date end-to-end cyber protection against attacks – at no extra cost. This technology protects the wider IT systems of the school, along with the paramount safety of pupils and staff. 

Producing high-quality images, even in low light, the Konica Minolta interior cameras are mounted to the ceiling and utilise cloud-based technology. They also feature built in and highly secured and encrypted Digital Video Recording (DVR) management technology. A MicroSD card is fitted into the camera as backup storage which continues to capture video recordings should the external network connection or recording fail for any reason. Upon reconnection, the camera re-syncs the recordings with the central cloud-based storage.

Highly cost-effective and simple to scale to any network size, Konica Minolta IVS solutions allows for more cameras to be added and any required additional storage. No dedicated servers, recording or software licences are needed, saving time and money both upon the purchase of the system and during its lifetime. This means it is perfect for any location, having been built to withstand all weather conditions and temperatures, without requiring any additional housing or protection.

Additionally, The IVS solution has the capability to use audio to broadcast messages, alerts and pre-recorded files to support the management of the school. This will form part of the implementation of a programme of pre-recorded lockdown security drills, with audio files providing guidance for pupils around fire safety, crowd management and general safety. 

Gary Fletcher-Moore, Head of Sales – Intelligent Video Solutions at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd also commented: “Our solution is intelligent and can expand virtually without limits, ensuring long term investment and security for The Sweyne Park School. Software updates are available via a free download, ensuring the solution can be updated and enhanced as the requirements of the school and its daily operations evolve, making this a fully future-proof solution.”

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