Kings Secure Technologies to acquire Midlands-based security monitoring company

January 13, 2021

Kings Secure Technologies (KST) – who provide risk mitigation solutions across the security and fire sectors – have recently announced that they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Midlands-based security company, Cougar Monitoring Ltd.

“Over 58,000 connections Europe-wide”

Bob Forsyth, Chief Executive Officer of KST, remarked: “Our proposed acquisition of Cougar Monitoring Ltd will further expand KST’s leadership position in technology monitoring, while deepening and strengthening our relationships with our customers.

“We will be able to compete in the rapidly emerging global world of smart systems and the Internet of Things on a global basis. The combined reach of both KST and Cougar amounts to over 58,000 connections Europe-wide. 

“This strategic acquisition will enable us to provide a monitoring platform to our customers at pace and scale, and to respond to new opportunities as they arise.”

“KST will develop the Cougar brand”

Robin Fisher, Chief Executive Officer of Cougar Monitoring Ltd, also commented: “Started 24 years ago as the first UK NSI accredited Control Room, Cougar has built its customer base to close to 30,000 sites in the UK. 

“We are now looking to shift our focus and growth into becoming a fully-fledged technology centre catering for the new rapidly emerging global world of smart systems. I am certain that KST will develop the Cougar brand accordingly, continue to support customers and give its employees expanding opportunities.”

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