LATEST: SALTO Systems acquires TouchByte

May 2, 2023


SALTO Systems has just released this news update for the security industry:

SALTO Systems, a global market leader in keyless electronic access control solutions, confirms its commitment to secure seamless face recognition access control with its acquisition of UK technology innovator TouchByte. TouchByte are pioneers in frictionless access control using advanced face recognition systems.

SALTO Systems, a world-leading provider of innovative smart access control solutions, is committed to the use of biometric technology as the future of access control. In the past two years, it has aimed to accelerate the development of frictionless access control solutions through various strategic investments.

The digital revolution has transformed society. Entire industries have been reimagined, and our professional lives, education, and leisure time have evolved beyond recognition. Digital credentials, digital identities, and facial recognition are becoming the standard across all industries, with automatic face recognition emerging as a key technology to address the market’s needs.

In 2022, SALTO Systems acquired Cognitec, a major and growing player in the Face Recognition arena. This was already a significant move toward enhancing its access control solutions through biometrics and using face recognition technology to facilitate a frictionless smart access experience. By integrating its flagship FaceVACS algorithm, powered by Cognitec, into SALTO’s smart devices, SALTO will bring a whole new range of capabilities to its portfolio of products to enable additional use cases in applications across several industries.

Now, that moment is closer than ever. Through the recent acquisition of TouchByte, a UK-based technology innovator focused on face recognition, SALTO intends to accelerate the development and time-to-market of the first and most advanced face recognition access control solution by realising Cognitec’s algorithm potential through TouchByte’s solutions portfolio and face management platform.

Bringing TouchByte under the SALTO Group umbrella reinforces SALTO’s commitment to innovation and the development of new technologies. “Our acquisition of Touchbyte is a natural step forward in our mission to bring innovative and cutting-edge technology to the access control market,” said Marc Handels, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at SALTO Systems. “With our future face recognition solution, we aim to provide our customers with a secure and frictionless way of accessing their buildings and facilities.”

SALTO Systems is excited to see what the future holds for biometric technology and how it can continue to benefit its customers.


TouchByte is a high-growth technology business based in Cornwall, UK, and specialising in developing solutions using face recognition to tackle business challenges. The company is led by an experienced leadership team and supported by a young, enthusiastic team of developers and support staff. TouchByte’s latest product, Facentry, offers keyless face recognition access control: “Access a space with your face”.


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