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June 28, 2024


Morse UK

Tim Purpura, VP Global Sales & Marketing Morse Watchmans and Amy Worthy, Sales Manager for Morse UK share insight about growth and business opportunities on the horizon.

As an SJUK Leaders in Security Conference 2024 Gold Partner, Morse Watchmans, the original developer and global leader of electronic key control systems, is looking forward to networking with influential regional and global security industry leaders at the event. 

SJUK caught up with Tim Purpura and Amy Worthy to find out more about Morse UK and the importance of the UK market. 

Tell us about Morse UK and the important role it has for Morse Watchmans and the security industry.  

Tim Purpura (TP): Morse UK has a well-established team and is poised to break sales records. Since the acquisition by TouchPoint and our move to Rugby, there’s a renewed energy in the team that is committed to outstanding customer service. Morse UK is an integral part of Morse Watchmans continued growth. 

Amy Worthy (AW): Morse UK has been operational for over 35 years, with a growing success, I have been with the business for four years, with growth both in sales and indeed the team, with a view to increasing this further. 

Our move to Rugby has given us the opportunity to progress further for the organisation and professional and indeed personal growth. We are an integral part of the Morse Watchmans family and integral part of the security industry, delivering exceptional products and customer service. 

What markets present the most growth potential in the UK and why? 

TP: As you know, Morse Watchmans reaches many industry sectors, with hospitality at the top.  

While we see growth across the board, the healthcare and education sectors seem to be showing great promise.  

AW: Following the lockdown, hospitality had its recovery time to appreciate and now the wonderful world of hospitality is back with a vengeance truly benefiting from Morse Watchmans products. The growth in hospitality has been in quick succession following its recovery.  

Furthermore, healthcare and education dominate the sectors with hospitality. Up and coming are secure units with privatised wealth secured, data centres and power stations.  

How does the current economy in the UK impact new opportunities and growth? Are there any market trends you are noticing?  

TP: We are always looking for a stronger economy, however; the security of people, data and assets are a constant concern. There is no doubt an increasing demand for data protection which means reviewing technologies and procedures to ensure they meet the highest possible standards.  

Morse Watchmans continues to develop products that meet these critical standards with both hardware and software. 

What seem to be the most emergent security issues in the UK and what are the pain points?  

AW: Security in the UK is a constant threat and organisations are required to take the relevant security measures to ensure security and safety of their people, their clients, their assets and indeed the data.  

Cybercrime is a constant concern for organisations, in particular. I think the pain points really is no one can ever take their finger off the pulse within the world of security, it is a 24/7, 365 industries, as when one occurrence could happen, there is always the incumbents in the background working on the next opportunity of corruption.  

How does key control address security pain points?  

TP: Key control offers security for the keys and peace of mind knowing that the keys are in the right hands. Offering a complete audit trail a Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher gives you control as well as operational efficiency. 

AW: Electronic Key Management allows an organisation to have peace of mind. The keys and assets are allocated to the authorized individual(s), with time parameters available, lockdowns available and a full audit trail.  

Our systems allow businesses and indeed their employees to be more productive with time management positively increased. When the KeyWatcher is integrated into the SOP of the business it means it is one less area to worry about. 

You are a Gold Partner. Why is the SJUK Leaders in Security Conference important to Morse Watchmans and to the security industry? 

TP: SJUK Leaders in Security offers Morse Watchmans the opportunity to meet with security and industry sector leaders to share ideas in an effort to advance our abilities to keep people and property safe. 

AW: SJUK Leaders in Security Conference is important to Morse Watchmans, following a strong professional relationship and the results of our investment with SJUK.  

Taking part was essential in pushing our opportunities further, placing us in front of some of the most senior security professionals from the UK and Europe.  

The specifically tailored approach to this conference with the dedication of security professionals from a variation of industries is an exciting prospect for Morse UK and our team.  

This article was originally published in the July Edition of Security Journal UK. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.

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