Licel mobile app protection retains EMVCo certification

February 29, 2024



Licel has announced that DexProtector, its mobile app security solution that safeguards over 12 billion downloaded apps, has once again achieved EMVCo SBMP SPT certification.

This is its fourth consecutive year of EMVCo certification, underscoring Licel’s commitment to delivering security solutions for mobile apps in an increasingly complex digital payments landscape.

Licel to stay ahead of the curve

“Being the first software protection tool to be certified by EMVCo for both Android and iOS is a real source of pride for us,” said Ivan Kinash, CEO, Licel.

“And so it’s a great feeling to know that EMVCo has certified DexProtector again.

“As well as the peace of mind it gives our customers, regular independent testing and verification is also a huge part of our mobile security philosophy.

“We know the threat landscape is constantly changing and that our solutions need to stay ahead of the curve.

“As a case in point, last month we released DexProtector 14.1, which comes with a completely refreshed core architecture in response to the increasingly sophisticated nature of attacks, to deliver true multi-layered defence.”

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