LOCKEN provides access management for Scottish Power Networks

December 17, 2021

Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPN), a subsidiary of global energy provider Iberdrola Group, is continuing to build on its partnership with access control solutions provider, LOCKEN to secure its vast energy network and its new, impressive St. Vincent Street headquarters, which is the largest single-use office to be built in Glasgow for 25 years.

In 2018, the company joined forces with LOCKEN to complete the energy industry’s most ambitious access control project. Gaining momentum since then, there are now 14,000 electronic locks deployed, including the areas within the new Scottish Power HQ.

In order to fulfil SPN’s access configuration needs, the contactless smart key combines the advantages of a traditional mechanical lock with a state-of-the-art electronic solution, with the information exchanged between the key and the cylinder by magnetic induction, rather than by an electrical contact. This allows almost instantaneous opening of the lock and ensures reliability of the hardware, preventing any risk of contact failure caused by oxidation or dust lodged in the cylinder.

The solution includes a Bluetooth module, which links to the user’s smartphone, using the MyLocken app. It is capable of offering centralised control and case-by-case, real-time access control, reaching standards of security that are usually only available from online access control systems and significantly boosts compliance with the industry’s applicable security standards.

Nick Dooley MD at LOCKEN UK Ltd explains: “It is great to follow the success of this ongoing rollout across the SPN infrastructure and to see how it is continuing to improve the organisation as a result, from benefits to health and safety procedures for employees and contractors to compliance with regulations and security standards. 

“Our innovative solution allows simple, flexible, efficient access management, which has been integrated with SP Energy Networks’ existing software systems, providing improved operational efficiency and enhanced capabilities.”

For further information about LOCKEN, visit www.locken.co.uk, find us on LinkedIn or telephone 0203 691 1610.

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