Applications open for fund aimed at helping secure places of worship

June 6, 2022

Many places of worship find themselves vulnerable to acts of malicious assaults with such institutions particularly threatened due to their open door policy to encourage prayer. Recognising such threats to faith communities, the UK government has just launched the Places of Worship Fund:

This is aimed at reducing the risk and impact of hate crime via protective security measures such as CCTV, secure fencing, intruder alarms and lockdown systems. Applications are open for the installation of up to three protective security measure at places of worship or associated faith community centres.

Applications are open from 19 May until 14 July 2022 and the scheme not only covers equipment and installation but also maintenance costs for one year from the installation date. The scheme is open to all faiths In England and Wales except the Jewish community which has a separate funding scheme.

As part of their security measures, many places of worship are considering lockdown systems so that if there is a threat of an imminent attack there can be a site wide alert and all places of entry can be locked. The Alertex wireless critical alerts are already widely used in the education sector and require no cabling or wi-fi connection. 

With a long transmission range of 1km, when one Alertex unit is triggered it will activate all other Alertex units in range with a sounder and flashing blue beacon which differentiates it from a fire alert. There are voice annunciators available allowing warnings to remain inside to be made in a number of languages if required. Key staff can also utilise the mobile panic alert key fob which when triggered will activate all Alertex units within range.

For more information, visit: ALERTEX Lockdown – Luminite

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