Man fined for working illegally on pub door

June 8, 2023


Viktor Abduluahi has been fined for working illegally as a door supervisor.

Abdullahi pleaded guilty on May 31 to working illegally as a door supervisor at a Southsea, Hants, pub.

Portsmouth Magistrates Court heard he was working illegally between 25 June and 19 August last year.

The court heard how he fled the scene befpore he could be cautioned by the authorities.

Abdullahi received a £100 fine and is required to pay a £40 victim surcharge.

The prosecution was brought by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) after working with other enforcement partners.

An SIA statement said: “The case began when an off-duty, senior Immigration Enforcement officer, spotted Abdullahi working at the pub on 12 August 2022.

“The Immigration Officer knew that Abdullahi was unlicensed as he had been convicted of several offences.

“The officer informed the SIA’s regional investigation officers who, together with licensing officers from Hampshire Constabulary, and local authority licensing officers, carried out an inspection of the pub on Friday 19 August 2022.

“The local authority licensing officers confirmed to SIA investigators that several weeks prior they had visited the venue, Abdullahi was working as a door supervisor, and he had absconded when they challenged him about his licence.

“During the SIA investigators’ inspection, they spoke to the pub’s manager to find out who was working that night.

“The pub manager advised that there were two door supervisors on duty. Abdullahi was wearing a jacket emblazoned with the words ‘Taurus IPS Security’.

“The SIA investigator asked Abdullahi why he was not displaying his licence. Abdullahi replied that he wasn’t working and that he didn’t have a licence with him. Abdullahi also said that he worked in retail and he was covering for someone else who would be working later that night.

“The SIA investigator then asked the pub manager to see the pub’s ‘signing-in book’ which showed that Abdullahi had been working at the pub since 25 June 2022. Abdullahi then ran from the pub before he could be cautioned by SIA investigators or Hampshire Constabulary police officers.”

Nicola Bolton, one of the SIA’s Criminal Investigations Managers, said: “Abdullahi worked illegally and put the public at risk from harm as he was wholly unsuitable to be a door supervisor.

“He was caught red-handed and pretended to be something he wasn’t, a licensed individual. This prosecution has meant that the risk of him working illegally in future has been reduced.”



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