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Mayflex launches new app for customers to order products and check pricing when on the move

September 21, 2021

Mayflex has launched a new app designed to make it as easy and simple as possible for customers to order products and check product and pricing information when they are out on site and on the move.

The app is being launched under the ‘Tap the APP’ campaign which highlights the simplicity and many benefits that the app brings to the Mayflex customer base. Watch this short video to get a brief introduction in to the many business benefits.

Ross McLetchie, Sales Director, commented: “We are excited to launch the app, we’ve listened to our customers on how we can continue to improve their experience of working with Mayflex and introducing an app was a direct result of their feedback.”

“This isn’t something that we’ve rushed, working with an experienced third party specialist we’ve spent a considerable amount of time developing the app to make sure that it adds value to our customers and provides a robust and secure platform to ensure that they can order with confidence, wherever they are and literally with a ‘Tap of the APP’.”

McLetchie concludes: “The Mayflex app includes many of the benefits of the Mayflex Webshop and a few more. Customers can browse products, scan product barcodes to add products to their basket, see their prices, set up their favourites, set up shopping lists, order cut cable, download spec sheets, as well as receive exclusive offers all from a mobile or desktop device. The Mayflex app will continue to evolve, and we will listen to our customers to ensure that they have a good experience of working with Mayflex whether it’s by the app, Webshop, Trade Counter or via our sales teams.”

Mayflex customers can download the ‘Mayflex app’ from the App Store or via Google Play. To find out more about the benefits of the Mayflex app, visit:

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