Meesons to form part of new Andwis. group

April 5, 2023


Security firm Meesons is to be acquired by a global private equity firm HIG Capital to become one of the founding companies that makes up the new Andwis. group of technical specialists in the UK.

A statement from Meesons said the company is “excited” by the news.

Michael Clark, Managing Director of the Meesons group of companies, said: “We are thrilled to be joining the Andwis group and are looking forward to collaborating with our new partners to continue providing our customers with the high-quality security entrance control solutions they have come to expect from us.

“This acquisition is a significant milestone for our company, and we believe it will enable us to take our business to the next level and expand our reach even further.”

The statement said: “We have a strong history of delivering high-quality security entrance control solutions to businesses and organisations across the UK.


“We are excited about this acquisition and believe it will enable us to continue to innovate and develop our products and services while benefiting from the expertise and resources of the Andwis group.

“This acquisition and inclusion in the Andwis group is a testament to the strength and quality of our products and services, and a clear indication of our potential for future growth and success in the UK technical services industry and beyond.

“We are confident that this acquisition will be a great success for both Meesons and HIG Capital. We look forward to working together to build Andwis Group into a leading provider of technical services in the UK.”

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