Met Police successfully complete end-to-end alarm signals test for ECHO Hub

February 4, 2021

ECHO (Electronic Call Handling Operations Ltd) – the not-for-profit security industry backed alarms handling operator – have recently announced that the Metropolitan Police Service (‘The Met’) have successfully completed its first end-to-end test receiving alarm signals via the new ECHO hub.

The test signals, originating from Banham Security’s Alarm Receiving Centre, were successfully transmitted into The Met’s own Control Room.

This success follows on the heels of the test by Essex Police who in November 2020 were the first police force in the UK to have successfully received and verified confirmed signals in this way.   

ECHO offers a full service to any UK police force ready and able to be ECHO-connected. It is expected that Essex Police and The Met will be fully prepared to handle all their police response alarm signals via ECHO by the Spring of  2021.

David Mair, Manager of the Security Systems Unit, Metropolitan Police Service, remarked: “We have been developing our capability to receive automated verified alarm signals from ARCs for some time. This proof of concept means all alarms with Met police response could be ECHO-connected and in line for faster police response before the end of 2021.”

Martin Harvey, Director of ECHO, added: ”We are delighted to see yet another successful milestone test for ECHO. Connection to the MPS control room will enable a significant number of professionally installed and monitored alarm systems to be connected through the ECHO hub further demonstrating the capabilities of the ECHO platform handling signals from multiple Alarm Receiving Centres and transmitting them on to any number of ECHO-connected police forces.

“2021 is set to be a busy year for ECHO, as more police forces are poised to connect to the service.”  

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