Metropolitan Police £3m victim funding

March 10, 2023


Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is to receive £3m annually from City Hall in London to put the victims of crime at the heart of policing at the capital.
The money will help to increase the number of MPS staff responsible caring for those afected by criminal acts.
Sir Mark Rowley, MPS Commissioner, said: “Our officers and staff often interact with people during the most traumatic moments of their lives.

“They do a great job in the vast majority of cases but the stretch on their time and the nature of our work sometimes means our follow-up and coordination with specialist victim support is not good enough.
“That is why we are harnessing new technology and creating a dedicated team to boost our service.
“I know my entire service wants to put the victim voice at the heart of everything we do.
“We are committed to listening to victims’ experiences and using this feedback to implement the practical measures that will make a real difference for victims.”

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