Microsoft and Giacom talk cybersecurity

January 31, 2024



According to a Microsoft security expert, artificial intelligence is now critical to protect businesses from increasingly fast and sophisticated cyber-attacks.  

David Morrow, Security Channel Sales Lead at Microsoft, said the company’s upcoming Security Copilot would be a “game-changer” in increasing human capability and responding to rising levels of AI-driven cyber-attacks. 

Speaking as part of a series of conversations recorded by IT solutions provider Giacom, Morrow explained the importance of AI and machine learning in the cyber security landscape and Microsoft’s $20bn investment in security to stay ahead of the curve.  

Harriet Robbins, Product Manager at Giacom, has been speaking to industry experts from leading vendors including Microsoft, Sophos, Bitdefender, Webroot and Vade about the latest trends and products which are shaping cyber security. 

Huge investment by Microsoft 

“We’re in a really exciting era for computing at the moment,” said Microsoft’s Morrow.  

“Generative AI will transform how work gets done, amplifying and augmenting human capabilities. 

“At Microsoft, AI is an area we are investing heavily in, especially around cyber security.  

“We’re currently halfway through a four-year, $20bn investment programme which spans everything from research and development to products. 

“We’ve got a team of 8,500 people at Microsoft who are responding to cyber-attack alerts across the globe.  

“It means we can get a good picture of what is happening in the cyber security space and the latest trends and behaviours.” 

Microsoft’s Security Copilot will help businesses defend themselves from attacks at machine speed, acting as an AI assistant for security teams and slowing them to outpace the hackers. 

Security Copilot is informed by data gathered from the 65 trillion cyber-attack threat signals which Microsoft sees every day, so businesses are operating with the latest knowledge of attackers, their tactics, techniques and procedures. 

Microsoft recently announced Security Copilot’s Early Access Programme was open to qualified customers, with a general release expected in the coming months. 

Giacom’s Cloud Market provides MSPs and resellers with trusted security products and solutions, so they can keep their customers safe from attacks and protect the UK’s network of SMEs. 

Ever-changing security world  

“We’re continuing to invest in the most trusted security solutions on the market, helping our customers stay up to date and informed on the ever-changing cyber security world,” said Harriet Robbins, Product Manager (Cyber Security), Giacom.  

“As part of ‘MSP Cyber Secure Conversations,’ I’ve been speaking to leading voices in cyber security, discussing the latest hot topics, innovations and developments. 

“It was great to catch up with David to hear about the investment and resources Microsoft is throwing behind its cyber security products.” 

Morrow also emphasised the rapid growth of AI in his discussion with Robbins. 

While Facebook took over four years to gain 100 million users and mobile phones took 16 years to reach the milestone after their invention, the Chat GPT tool took just three months to reach 100 million users. 

Powered by AI, solutions like Security Copilot can reverse engineer malware and dissect a phishing attack at machine speed by producing a report on the email addresses targeted, the response and open rate and the victims of the attack. 

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