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Minister worry about TikTok influence on young


Security minister Tom Tugendhat has raised concerns about a growing number of young people reading the news on social media sites, such as TikTok.

Mr Tugendhat warned “challenges” could be created if the Chinese authorities declares the platform’s algorithms a national security asset.

The minister used a speech at the Policy Exchange think tank to stress it is “critical” that the public knows where debates are coming from.

He added: “The influence of social media platforms on our younger generations here in the UK and around the world is pervasive. The contents on these platforms will influence minds.

“Yet it’s worth noting that foreign states hold considerable sway over the algorithms that are the editor on these sources. The challenge for a free country like ours is how we manage this debate.”


Mr Tugendhat is among a number of British politicians sanctioned by China, said the most pressing issues for Government are the “acute threats”.

TikTok is one of many platforms and the reality is editorial control is exercised by algorithms that are programmed by individuals

The minister raised the threat from Russia as well as Iran, and the “so-called overseas police stations that China has set up around the country”.