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Monatrix invests in the next generation

February 9, 2024



Monatrix has reaffirmed its commitment to its existing employees, through investment into new training programmes to advance their careers.  

As technology continues to evolve and innovation accelerates, there is a growing need for skilled engineers, the company says.  

Unfortunately, the security industry has faced challenges in attracting young talent.   

Monatrix recognises this issue and is taking steps to invest in the next generation.   

Through its training programmes, aspiring engineers can learn new skills, refine their talents and advance their careers.  

Promising signs for Monatrix 

Monatrix’s apprentice and trainee programme has seen some promising results, with Will Dutton, Sam Allen and Josh Whittall among the talented individuals who have joined their team through this initiative.  

Dutton began working with Monatrix in November 2021 and started his apprenticeship in February 2022.  

He is currently enrolled in Level 3 Security Systems NVQ, which he is due to complete later this year.    

“I enjoy being independent and doing jobs on my own having learnt how to do these jobs through supervision of the engineers,” said Dutton.  

“It is a very satisfying feeling being able to complete jobs on your own and know that you have done a good installation or solved the problem.”  

In December 2023, Monatrix welcomed two trainee field engineers, Allen and Whittall, who have already demonstrated their potential and become valuable members of the team.  

Monatrix is thrilled to see where their careers will take them with the support of their fellow engineers.  

Tough market for engineers 

“As I am sure a lot of people are aware, in the security industry, coming across highly skilled and experienced engineers has been very difficult and it is a tough market for engineers at the moment.,” said Karl Gillings, Operations Manager, Monatrix.  

“That is why here at Monatrix we have decided to put our resources into bringing on both trainee engineers and apprentices.   

“This way we can introduce some new engineers into the industry whilst expanding our internal engineering resource.   

“A lot of our senior engineers also started at Monatrix with no security experience at all, including myself.  

“So, it is a tried and tested method for Monatrix and we look forward to continuing our trainee programme.” 

Monatrix says investing in the future is a top priority for its continued growth and success.   

The company is committed to identifying new talent and sharing their combined 200+ years of industry experience.   

Quality engineers hard to come by 

“Over the past 20 years It has always been very difficult to find good quality engineers from within the security industry,” said Paul Gillings, CEO, Monatrix.  

“This has become even more difficult with the changes that have and are taking place as security systems technology changes.   

“The knowledge and understanding that engineers need today now incorporates IT, Cloud Systems, Software and Apps.   

“The engineers that have been in the industry for many years do not always have those skills.   

“The youth of today are more IT and software aware and the Trainees and Apprentices at Monatrix, can use that existing understanding and knowledge to the security systems training they receive form our experienced engineers.   

“We are producing engineers for the future who are capable, knowledgeable and have been trained to install, maintain and service systems the Monatrix way.”  

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