National Cyber Security Centre removes 80,000 scams

June 23, 2022


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has revealed it has removed 80,000 text message scams in under two years.

The news comes as the NHS warned about a widespread attack telling recipients they have been in close contact with a Covid case.

But the ruse is designed to take the recipient to a fake NHS site where they will be asked to part with personal and financial information.

It tweeted: “We’ve seen reports of fake NHS text messages about ordering Omicron Covid-19 test kits.”

BBC staff have also received messages linking newly-registered websites associated with dozens of others with names also used in scam Covid test-ordering schemes.

The NHS reiterated it will “never ask for bank details, so please be aware of suspicious messages”.

The National Cyber Security Centre told BBC News: “Cyber-criminals are opportunistic and sadly continue to exploit concerns around the coronavirus to trick people into sharing their financial or personal details.”

“In 2020, trying to combat phishing attacks, the NCSC helped develop the Suspicious Email Reporting Service with the City of London Police.

“As a result, we have received 12 million red flags from the public to potential phishing attacks – leading to more than 80,000 scams being removed from the internet.”

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