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NCSC guidance for buying and selling second-hand tech


The NCSC – the UK Government’s national, technical authority for cybersecurity and a part of GCHQ – has issued its first ever guidance for people looking to buy or sell second-hand internet connected devices.

The guidance has been published to help consumers protect themselves against cyber criminals, the NCSC guidance particularly urging sellers to erase their personal information before getting rid of devices.

The guidance has been published due to the rise in second-hand tech transactions typical of the post-Christmas period. With banking information, work contacts and personal data being stored on portable devices more and more each year, the need for improved cyber-awareness is more critical than ever before.

“Be aware of the risks around security and personal data”

NCSC Deputy Director for Economy and Society, Sarah Lyons, remarked: “At this time of year many of us take advantage of the pre-owned tech market, either to grab a bargain or cash in on a device we no longer need.

“We want consumers to make the most of this market, but we also want them to be aware of the risks around security and personal data and what they can do to protect themselves.

“As people look towards the post-Christmas sales we would encourage them to follow the steps in our ‘Buying and Selling Second-hand Devices’ to help them stay secure and shop with confidence.”

The guidance – which can be found in full here – includes tips on what to do before erasing device data, how to erase it, which second-hand devices to choose and things to know before using a second hand device.