New access controller kit introduced by Comelit-PAC

May 30, 2024



Comelit-PAC has introduced the PAC 511 DCi Access Controller Kits, designed to provide distribution partners and installers with the tools to deliver smart solutions for safeguarding properties.

In an era where smart security and convenience are paramount, Comelit-PAC has recognised the importance of providing access control systems to enable quick installation, regardless of the size or type of the premises.

Simplifying installation

“As part of our commitment to simplifying the installation process, our new PAC 511 DCi Access Control kits will enable more installers the opportunity to offer smart security technology,” said Steve Riley, Division Director, Comelit-PAC.

“Right from the initial design to streamlining the set-up process, these kits empower our partners to deliver bespoke solutions, with seamless integration capabilities that meet the evolving needs of their clients.”

The PAC 511 DCi Starter Kit is a solution designed to kickstart access control systems with ease and efficiency, the company says.

This all-inclusive kit features essential components, including one PAC 511 DCi unit housed in a sturdy metal enclosure, complete with a 3A PSU power supply unit.

The kit also features a GS3 Mullion HF reader, delivering advanced security features for enhanced access control.

With the inclusion of an Admin MT reader, administrators can securely add credentials to Access Central.

The kit comes completed with 10 PAC OPS fobs, providing convenient and secure access for authorised personnel.

The One-door Expansion Kit presents a solution for expanding access control management within the Access Central IP network.

When paired with the 511DCiSKIT and 511DCiEKIT, each expansion kit facilitates the management of one additional door.

This integration simplifies the process of extending secure access control, leveraging the reliability and popularity of our One-Door Controller kits.

This way, businesses can scale their access control system to meet evolving security needs.

A comprehensive solution

“Our PAC 511 DCi kits stand as a testament to Comelit-PAC providing an effective way to expand a system as a comprehensive solution for high-performance, affordable and secure solutions for modern digital access control needs,” said Riley.

“With their comprehensive offerings, they ensure not only smart security and robust protection but also a hassle-free installation process.

“As we continue to pioneer innovation in the security industry, Comelit-PAC remains dedicated to empowering our partners and installers to deliver smart technology seamlessly, meeting the demands of today’s dynamic security landscape.”

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